Let’s make Cotton Candy great again!


Our origin story? A dentist met his nemesis and then we stepped in to change the game.

What is cotton candy? Simply, it’s sugar. Sugar that through the magic of heat and centrifugal force is fluffed up. Believe it or not, the first cotton candy machine was invented by a dentist and fairy floss was introduced to the masses at the 1904 Worlds Fair. It was white, fluffy and he sold it in milk crates. Nowadays you can find this sweet confection everywhere from carnivals, to baseball games and even outer space (thanks NASA).

I decided to start Seafoam Cotton Candy and join forces with likeminded fairy floss connoisseurs around the world to change the freaking cotton candy game! That “cotton candy flavor” you’ve know all your life is really just sugar and a mixture of extracts, chemicals, preservatives and dyes (yuck)!

Get ready to have your mind blown. It doesn’t have to be like that! You can get that same fluff but free of all those nasty additives. It starts with pure organic cane sugar. Then we use a secret formula to create an unlimited array of flavors! The result? That nostalgic cotton candy you know and love, but with a healthy twist. It’s organic, vegan, gluten free and kosher! All the good things. (Okay, so it’s not Keto friendly, but we can’t please everyone.)